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What data do we process and why?

We process general data that are automatically sent to by your browser (IP address, browser type, cookies). We do not want to know your identity and we can not find out. It is not in our interest. However, our interest is to know how users use the page, what they are looking at and what interests them. We want to improve, adapt it to your current needs, and show you relevant ads. Thanks to them we can operate

Most of these activities require cookies - small pieces of information that we or our partners store in your browser. Below you can learn how you can set or cancel cookies.

If additional information will be necessary to use certain feature (e.g., a weekly newsletter), we will ask for your consent in advance.

Who processes the data and what are the options for setting it up?

Ads settings

In order to be able to show an ad, we must be part of an official ad network. They are serious partners who only have information (about your browser) in compliance with the law and are under international supervision.
These are the following companies:

Your settings for all the other ad networks, even those you do not find on, you can find at YourOnlineChoices.

Traffic measurement

We use standard solutions for anonymous traffic measurement:

Browser settings

You can completely disable cookies in your browser, delete once, or use incognito / private mode.

Your settings will only be used for this browser and this device, provided that you did not switch off use of the cookies. Without cookies, it is not possible to remember your settings, so we will have to inform you again and again - the notice will still be displayed to you.

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