Review of the ABC Design Rodeo

ABC Design Rodeo

This pram is more suitable for use in the city than in a village
written by lullaby 10.7.2019
  • big carrycot
  • reversible seat
  • large shopping basket
  • lightweight chassis
  • easy folding and unfolding
  • possibility to purchase adapters for a car seat
  • quick fading of the color
  • fast damaging of wheel material
  • more difficult maneuverability on uneven pavement and during winter
I was happy with this pram. I am satisfied with the size of a carrycot, reversible seat unit, and the spacious shopping basket as well.

In my opinion, this pram is more suitable for use in the city than in a village. It is hard to push it through deep snow - the front wheel get jammed with it. The foam that the wheels are made of wears off faster when you use the pram on uneven terrain. When using the pram in the summer, the color of the fabric will fade over time.

An easy and fast folding system is a big advantage to have. After folding, the chassis fits in the trunk of a small car (such as our Toyota Yaris). In summer months, I appreciated that the direction of the seat could be changed by easily unclicking and clicking the seat back on the chassis. I also like that I could purchase car seat adaptors, so I did not have to carry the whole pram when going to a doctor or to a shop. All I needed was the chassis, adaptors and the car seat.