Review of the ABC Design Viper 4 2017

ABC Design Viper 4 2017

Love at first sight
written by ellamom 5.10.2019
  • comfortable
  • large canopy
  • easy manipulation
  • suitable for all terrains
  • brake system
  • telescoping handlebar
  • bumper bar
  • the leather cover on the bumper- and the handlebar
  • shopping basket
  • weight of the chassis
Love at first sight. I had the 2018 model, and I was very happy with it.

Sturdy chassis. Reliable wheels. It passes through all terrains. Spacious bassinet. The large canopy on both the bassinet and seat unit. Easy manipulation. Easy to remove the wheels-great for use in smaller cars' boots. The chassis is flat when folded.

The only disadvantage is the weight of the stroller - this is however necessary and due to the wheels.