Review of the Anex Air-X

Anex Air-X

Love at first sight
written by Oxana 25.10.2019
For me, love at first sight - in terms of stylish, elegant design based on simplicity with beautiful details. In terms of dimensions, it certainly is a tall but narrow stroller (seat length of up to a bit less than 35 inch) - so it will be useful for long since my child is on the shorter side 🙂

Driveability is also great - the Air-X drives smoothly and, compared to similar models, is not loud at all. The mild suspension help even with a bit of terrain without getting stuck (like pavements in bad shape).

The canopy is extendable, equipped with a sun visor. We even managed to stress test the shopping basket, which seems to be small but actually handled quite a big load. There was a carry bag included with the stroller. I hope that we will be just as happy with it until the end of our strolling days.