Review of the Baby Design Coco

Baby Design Coco

I bumped into the Coco randomly - and I am glad I did
written by B. G. 15.6.2020
  • Big basket with access even when my daughter naps
  • Big wheels
  • Full lay-flat
  • Easy push
  • One-hand fold
  • The bumper bar needs to be fully removed - no opening it only on one side
  • Harness pads slide down when you unbuckle the child
I bumped into the Coco randomly - and I am glad I did. I must admit, I never heard about this brand before, and bought it because I liked the design and the price.

The Baby Design Coco (27) is easy to push, folds with 1 hand, the handlebar is nice to hold, and the basket is incredibly large (my 13kg son went and sat in it when I didn't look 😃) + the hood pocket is also very generous - I can fit a 0,5l bottle, my large wallet, keys, wet wipes, some nappies, a few sons' cars and my cellphone in it. The hood extends to cover even a napping child well.

The seat reclines fully, and that's operated with a strap - it works quietly, and you can choose any angle you want. The highest position is, however, a bit angled, so it can happen that the child slides down a bit at times. There is a reversible seat liner included. The harness is 5-point. The leg rest also adjusts.

The wheels are large and made out of soft plastic - they are quiet on smooth surfaces as well as cobblestones, and I think we can even use them occasionally on some terrain.