Bebetto Luca

I was expecting the chassis would be better - and the same goes for the seat unit design
A beautiful pram. Very affordable. Thea carrycot looks great. Just the chassis is not that great - just a little bump, and it gets scratched. I was...
Read more    8.11.2019
An awesome travel system
It was fantastic. There were absolutely no downsides to the carrycot - even though, for my big little man, I would still like it to be 5 cm longer. We...
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No problems even in rougher terrain
An excellent stroller system. Spacious, long carrycot, beautiful to look at. No problems even in rougher terrain.
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Really a perfect choice
A great price-quality ratio. An excellent travel system. Compact, reversible, easy-to-remove wheels... Really a perfect choice. 😉 I recommend watching the...
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Very good maneuverability
A great travel system. Lightweight, but stable. Spacious for the child. Very good maneuverability.
Read more    17.6.2019
A very good stroller system, and we are keeping it for our second child
We had the Bebetto Luca S-line 2017. It was a very good stroller system, and we are keeping it for our second child. The bassinet was large enough; our...
Read more    19.5.2019
We are keeping it for our second baby 😊
An excellent stroller system. The carrycot lasted us four months, and it would be much longer, but our DD just wanted to sit and then let herself out of...
Read more    29.4.2019
A great price-performance ratio
A great price-performance ratio. We had the Luca 2018. The carrycot was perfect. It would certainly last at least 6 months, but my DS didn't want to be in...
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Excellent stroller system for a nice price
An excellent stroller system for a nice price.
Read more    30.7.2018
Overall, I rate it very high
This stroller system was great! No disadvantages to the carrycot part. Even though my "little" one would use even a bigger one; however, it lasted us 5...
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