Nikimotion is a brand of dynamic, compact yet affordable strollers designed in Austria. The brand was established by Thomas Reiter, the current CEO with over 20 years’ experience in the assembling technology. The idea of Nikimotion was born in 2012. In 2015, the first stroller prototype was launched. It was inspired by the BIG MAX Golf technology, which enables the umbrella stroller to fold and unfold by one motion.

The lightweight, fixed-seat strollers Autofold and Autofold Lite are using the One-Fold technology, so you can fold the stroller compactly by simply pulling the strap on the seat. The Blade stroller system comes with the Flat-Fold technology. This unique technology enables the stroller to be folded even with the seat still attached, while the wheels will be folded inwards. Once folded, the stroller stands independently. To ensure maximum quality, each Nikimotion stroller is extensively tested for the whole year. The company is proud of the quality of their products and offers 5 years warranty.

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