Review of the Britax B-Agile M

Britax B-Agile M

The design is very nice - so much better than the original B-Agile
written by emilia 14.11.2019
  • design
  • materials
  • weight capacity
  • wide seat
  • canopy - large, and no full mesh part after extending it (it doesn't rain inside like with the older versions)
  • ventilation on the sides of the extra panel
  • large basket
  • harness belts slide up and down - easy adjusting
  • hard-ish ride - not much of a suspension
  • low handlebar - not for very tall mums and dads
  • weight could be lower
  • basket is a little too low to the ground - I am afraid I'll damage it going up curbs
  • bumper bar is protruding a lot when the stroller is folded (making it unnecessarily bulky)
I am still missing an adjustable handle. The wheels are better quality, but still, the ride is quite hard. What about adding some more suspension? And lastly, I would expect it to be a little lighter (10 kg is not that low if I compare it to some other possibilities in this pushchair category).

Other than that, the design is very nice - so much better than the original B-Agile. I like the canopy the most - when you extend it, there is not a full mesh panel anymore, but the vents are only on the sides, protecting the child from getting wet from the rain, for ex. And - be aware and try it out before purchasing, if you are very tall.