Review of the Britax B-Motion 3 Plus

Britax B-Motion 3 Plus

In general, I am very satisfied - maybe except for a few small, insignificant details
written by Camille 16.10.2019
  • Lightweight
  • Practical
  • Big wheels roll easily over every terrain
  • Quick folding/unfolding
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Variability of the hood and bumper bar covers (many colors to choose from and swap between)
  • Large hood that can be extended all the way up to almost touching the bumper bar
  • Good maneuvering
  • Good brake system
  • Basket is quite spacious
  • Suspension
  • Soft handlebar
  • Big changing bag
  • The front wheel can be locked straight
  • The back part is only covered by a thin fabric layer - not great for windy or very cold weather. We solved it with a good footmuff
A very handy stroller with large wheels. I really like its big hood that covers almost fully. The stroller is rather lightweight, brakes work well, and it's easy to fold. I took it 2 points, however, probably because I was used to a retro-type pram with loads of padding for the little one - and this one seems to have very thin fabrics used, in comparison - but it's just a stroller, so I understand 😄 It is so easy to push and it's also great that the front wheel can be locked in a fixed, non-swivel position. I also like that the hood, as well as the bumper bar cover, can be purchased in different colors and can be swapped according to your mood 😜 In general, I am very satisfied (maybe except for a few small, insignificant details) - but I must add, I would not use it for a newborn in winter for sure (but we already have a bigger kid).