Review of the Bugaboo Cameleon

Bugaboo Cameleon

Didn't meet my expectations
written by Lee 29.9.2019
  • lightweight
  • reversible seat unit
  • spacious bucket-type seat
  • weak central joint (the joint has quite a give)
  • problems with attaching a bag
  • two-piece fold (not so practical for loading in the car boot)
I only had this stroller for a while - because it didn't meet my expectations. The seat unit is extremely spacious, and my lil’ one loves the bucket from, so he was fully satisfied with the stroller. However, I was afraid that if using it on a daily basis on our not-so-great sidewalks, I will break the front wheels or the central joint structure that, with use, developed quite some give. I even bought off-road wheels, but then, when I realized they either wouldn’t swivel at all or only partially (and very reluctantly), I felt even worse. Also, hanging a bag on the handlebar was a big problem. I was also angry that I could not put it in the car in one piece.