Review of the CBX Etu Plus

CBX Etu Plus

It has a backrest much longer than any other I checked out
written by janie616 27.4.2020
  • Large rear wheels
  • Extendable hood
  • Long backrest (52 cm) that lays completely flat
  • Large, removable basket that can be washed
  • Foam wheels do take gravel inside
  • The canopy creases easily
  • Short leg rest, I expected a bit longer one
  • Narrow backrest, I expected a wider one
  • The fold tends to need two hands because it gets kind of stuck and I need the other hand to finish it
  • No pocket in the canopy
  • The bumper bar is not sturdy - since it's soft, it's not enough support for the child to ride without being harnessed in
I was looking for an ultracompact for my tiny apartment, for car trips and occasional short walks. This one pretty much the only one that met my requirements. Large rear wheels that can endure being pulled up a few stairs - usually, buggies of this type have much smaller wheels. An extendable canopy shades very well when my little one is napping - usually, buggies like this don't offer a canopy that opens up to the bumper bar. The "one-hand fold" takes up very little space in the car boot. And also, it has a backrest much longer than any other I checked out.

The biggest disappointment were the foam wheels since I read they should be rubber. Gravel and small stones get in the foam layer easily. Also, when the backrest is fully reclined, the center of gravity changes - moves backward, so it can happen that front wheels are a bit in the air. And lastly, I find the recline system impractical - when there's a child, you need both hands to do it.