Review of the Cybex Mios 2

Cybex Mios 2

A normal mom will be happier with a cheaper but more practically designed stroller
written by Bey 16.1.2020
  • workmanship, design with many details
  • simple folding
  • compactness
  • perfect push (on smooth surfaces)
  • suspension
  • ventilated summer seat
  • small wheels
  • shallow basket
  • worse center of gravity on the rear-facing reclined position
  • short seat surface
I bought this stroller after owning a Joolz Hub - and I was sorry that I changed it 😞 It's a stroller for either shopping or undemanding walks on smooth surfaces. There, the maneuvering is great, and the fold is perfect. After folding, it's handy and compact; I could easily load it in my tiny Ford Fiesta. I never learned if it can be folded rearward-facing, but I couldn't do it, the canopy always fell down if I tried. I also appreciated the rotating adjustment of the handlebar - I like it much more than the telescoping handlebars. Also, the weight is very pleasant, even though it's not the lightest stroller there is.

The chassis is sturdy and with a very nice suspension system, but you need to lubricate it from time to time; otherwise, it will start to squeak. If you add the rattling of the wheels on bad terrain, it "sounds" like an old stroller you have for your fourth kid 😃 😃 I had it in "Matt Black" which tends to get scratched easily, so I don't recommend this colorway. The wheels truly are not good on terrain, nor snow, nor cobblestones... best for interiors. Not even the nice suspension doesn't help there - they're too small with a narrow footprint, which means good maneuvering and a smooth push, but only on smooth surfaces. The basket is nice in size, but shallow - if I wanted to keep it for longer, I would probably have it made better at the tailor.

The seat unit has a ventilated, mesh upholstery plus an insert you pick the color of - great for summertime. You can recline it fully, which is great, but if you do it in the parent-facing mode, the center of gravity changes and the push is less smooth. The seat is designed a bit strangely to me - the sitting part plus the leg rest are short in my opinion, my 16mo daughter had her legs dangling in the laying position. After reclining the seat, the seat gets slightly longer, but still, I find it good up to maximum 2 years, after which the child looks too big for the Mios. The canopy is extendable, but it's still not big enough for the reclined position (the sun shone straight on the face of my napping daughter). The harness only works as a five-point - no way to make it a three-point one, as I was used to from other strollers I owned. The fabrics are nice to touch, easy-to-clean, I liked those.

I would sum it up as a fashion accessory for parents that want to be IN, being OK only on smooth sidewalks and shopping malls. A normal mom will be happier with a cheaper but more practically designed stroller.