Review of the EasyGo Domino

EasyGo Domino

Since it's a budget model, I was not expecting miracles - but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised
written by Leonora 10.5.2019
  • nice design
  • affordable price
  • rather lightweight
  • narrow
  • an almost full lay-flat
  • large canopy
  • central brake
  • easy manipulation
  • wheels can handle bumpy terrain
  • two aprons and a rain cover included
  • low weight capacity
  • not much in terms of detailing and quality look of the materials - but I can overlook that easily, taking the price factor into account
  • bulky when folded
  • canopy doesn't always "click in place" after I open it completely - you always need to make sure it got where it was supposed to get
I bought this stroller for two siblings with an age gap of 1.5 years - older one was 2yo (11kg) at the time, the younger one was 6months old (9kg). Since it's a budget model, I was not expecting miracles - but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to others, even the more expensive ones, it is quite lightweight (12,5kg). It looks nice, even though, derived from that good of a price, there are some things that could be more elaborate - like the canopy opening (it doesn't always click in place when opening it), and the stitching is not 100% straight everywhere (but you need to look closely to notice that).

We managed to tackle even more difficult terrain - there was nothing squeaking, no wheels rattling. I appreciate the long canopy, which can be extended by unzipping, as well as the ability to put the backrest to an almost complete lay-flat. Since I didn't want double handlebars, that single handle is more than convenient for me 🙂

My older daughter is very thin; the stroller will serve us for quite some time. But I don't recommend buying it if your baby is one of the bigger ones. I have the impression that the manufacturer planned it as a twin buggy rather than for siblings - I am just guessing because of the depth, and also the relatively low weight capacity of the seats.