Review of the Easywalker Charley

Easywalker Charley

If you take it for what it is, you will find out that in it's smallness, it's a great stroller
written by eli 10.6.2020
  • weight
  • compactness
  • lay-flat seat
  • high-quality fabrics, leatherette coversand padding - and I personally love the pastel colors
  • even if it doesn't seem so, a rather spacious seat unit with quite a large canopy
  • shopping basket size is pleasant - it was actually big enough to hold my older son :-D
  • quality joints with metal parts mean longevity while the compactness won't mean rattling or weak chassis
  • practical details - like the integrated bag holders on the handlebar
  • accessories availability - height adapters for the carrycot, child's bumper bar, and other
  • not the lowest price - but you get what you pay for
  • the bumper bar is sold separately (as well as other accessories) - making the price even higher
  • I would make the leg rest longer and cover it with some wipe-clean layer
  • the seat unit is lower to the ground, which is not a negative by itself, but tall parents sometimes don't like this
  • clicking off the seat unit needs some getting used to - it's not that intuitive, thinking about aligning the signs
  • someone could ming the specific design, mainly that of the canopy - I would probably make it more round to make it pleasing for the general public - and an even larger sun visor would also help
Charley, for me - yes, yes, yes, and I rate it 90 %! It is the same category as the Cybex Mios, Silver Cross Spirit… adding better wheels, awesome padding, good driveability, and unique design. Don't forget, I am taking into account that I am rating a compact model - and I am not searching for real all-terrain capability or features not expected from a small urban model. If you take it for what it is, you will find out that in it's smallness, it's a great stroller.

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