Review of the Foppapedretti iWood

Foppapedretti iWood

The unique look made me walk quite proudly, truth to be told - other aspects are, however, quite average
written by Nena 26.11.2019
  • I love that they used wood there, it is really unique design-wise (we never ran into anybody with the same pram)
  • All parts click directly on the frame
  • Ventilation in the hoods
  • Backrest adjustment of the carrycot
  • Adjustable, removable, swing-away bumper bar
  • Apron, changing bag included
  • Basket design - weird and not very accessible
  • The frame may creak or squeak at times
  • The brake damages your shoes a little
  • Plastic parts look a bit cheaply made, and scratch easily
  • I would make the hoods longer (for the summer)
  • Leg rest seems short to me and has no wipe-clean layer
  • I am not thrilled about the changing bag design
  • Wheels (at least the rear ones) I would swap for air-filled
  • No height adjustment of the harness
I must say, I fell in love with the Italian feel of the brand, and more importantly, the wood in the chassis. I never saw anything like it! So we ordered it from amazon.

We were the only ones with such a pram, and it made me walk quite proudly, truth to be told. Other aspects of this travel system are, however, quite average (or worse). It drives alright (in the city); space-wise, it's nothing special (but nothing horrible either). I would certainly appreciate longer hoods on both carrycot and seat unit parts, and maybe also some more space - sitting/laying surface as well as in the shopping basket, which I found a bit weird-looking.

No need for any adapters with any part is actually a great time- and nerve-saver 👍

To sum it up, it has some great ideas that make it unique, but the overall design and performance could be a bit better.