Review of the GB Maris 2

GB Maris 2

The suspension is very good for the type
written by Anetta 25.2.2020
I am using it for 3 weeks, only with the bassinet. It's lighter than my previous, robust stroller system. Easy-peasy fold done one-handedly. Beautiful design (we have it in black with grey pattern)) with a gorgeous matte frame. I adore the brake that doesn't cratch my pretty shoes. 🙂

The bassinet folds flat, which is great since we have to transport it in the car from time. A negative for me would be the foam wheels, which, compared to my last stroller from before (it had inflatable wheels), feel harder to ride on. The suspension is, however, very good for the type. I also think the price was rather high, but since we're happy with it, I don't really mind that much.