Review of the Gesslein S4 Air+

Gesslein S4 Air+

This is how you design a stroller
written by Viola 27.3.2019
  • Perfect chassis
  • Easy manipulation even with a heavier child
  • Comfortable ride
  • Suitable for tall parents
  • Easy getting it up a curb
  • Very good suspension
  • No rattling, no stones in the wheel foam
  • Passes through everything, even snow
  • Extendable hood
  • The quality of the fabrics (very thin) if not very high
  • Bad reclining system (strap)
  • Complicated folding (without the bumper bar in the front, it's fine)
  • Very thin canopy
Gesslein S4 Air + 2018 with leather handle. This is how you design a stroller - really nice, with very good suspension and all-terrain capability. And you can even buy an optional carrycot.

I minded the hood the most because the fabric was thin like that of a T-shirt, no double/weatherproof layer, or inside lining. I also disliked strap recline. The folding was a bit complicated, but you can get used to that. Even though not that lightweight (10kg), the handlebar was very well designed, and the overall manipulation was reasonably easy.