Review of the Hauck Rapid 3R

Hauck Rapid 3R

The price was essential for us, and we wanted a new one
written by veru04 14.8.2020
  • Lightweight
  • Very good maneuverability
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Extendable canopy
  • Slight suspension
  • Full recline
  • Spacious, accessible storage basket
  • Only three positions of the (rotating) handlebar
  • The front bumper bar is quite low-positioned - I don't think it surrounds and protects the child enough. When my DS tried to turn or leaned on the side, I was afraid of him possibly falling out
  • The brake is in an arched form, so I kicked it when walking quickly or ran down a hill
  • The recline is strap-operated, which is not a negative point by itself, but I don't like that even when fully upright, the backrest is still angled, half sitting
  • The folding/carrying strap is located on the sitting part, and it was not comfortable for my son to sot on - we had to get a padded seat liner to make it better
We bought this stroller as our third. I would like to establish that the price was essential for us, and we wanted a new one - also to have the warranty if something happens.

OIt is very lightweight and easy to push even one-handedly. There is slight suspension, so it will be ok in the city as well as on an average road in the woods. Since it's a three-wheeled stroller, it was a bit problematic in the forest, when going off the regular route. But, to be honest, we went through so many surfaces that any other stroller would have problems, that it's nothing really.

We checked reviews of this model before purchasing it, so we knew the pros and cons beforehand - but I personally like to try and form my own opinion. Therefore, here, I put my own knowledge to take into account when deciding.