Review of the Jané Muum V2

Jané Muum V2

Didn't disappoint even in the Alps
written by Naja 9.10.2019
  • spacious seat unit
  • great canopy
  • large, accessible shopping basket
  • nice folding system
  • sturdy frame
  • a little bit heavier than I would have liked
This stroller accompanied me twice on our vacation in the Alps - and it didn't disappoint. My son - 2 years, 22 lbs (10 kg) - fit in well, and even slept while passing through bumpy roads. The wheels did not get any gravel in it, though. The front wheels' joints made a little 'steel' sound when passing on such terrain, but not on normal sidewalks. The seat unit is spacious, reversible, and the hood is large enough. The handlebar took multiple bags without any problem. The shopping basket is big and very accessible.