Review of the Joie Mytrax

Joie Mytrax

The only fault I found is the Joie apron
written by martine-que 3.7.2019
  • easy to push
  • compact
  • generous hood
  • full recline
  • leg rest is adjustable
  • bumper bar needs to be removed (no gate-opening)
It met our requirements. We wanted a lightweight stroller with wheels with tires, stable enough to not flip over if a bag hangs from the handlebar; compact in folded as well as unfolded state - I mean, I am only 162cm tall, so I wanted to see where I'm going, and an easy manipulation as well. I also needed an easy fold/unfold, a large enough hood over the seat, and compatibility with a car seat... and an affordable price to add to it 🙂 And so we found the Joie Mytrax.

The stroller features an adjustable handle, which you will be happy about if you and your partner are of different heights. The one-hand fold will be appreciated if you need to hold your run-away passenger while folding the stroller. If you have a car seat but use the seat already, too, you simply remove the bumper bar and click on the adapters (no need to hold something else in your hand or remove the whole seat like with the reversible strollers).

The only fault I found is the Joie apron - it's way too low, ending up on the bumper bar.