Review of the Joie Versatrax

Joie Versatrax

It tackles even village roads; cobblestones are not a problem (and no noise nor rattling)
written by honey402 25.5.2020
  • Reversible seat unit
  • Large canopy
  • Full suspension chassis
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Leather handle- and bumper bar
  • A huge basket that is also quite high (no scratching it on the curbs)
  • Seat unit's position is also high up
  • Folding with the seat in both direction is seriously great
  • 2 closable storage 'pockets'
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Cup holder and leg cover included
  • Fast fold and easy carrying the pushchair (there's a separate handle for that)
  • The handlebar is loose - it has quite a will, which is noticeable a lot mainly when you move it forwards and backward 😒
It meets all my requirements!

I was choosing a pushchair based on numerous criteria, which I was unwilling to forget. The only thing that was stopping me was my budget 😀 I read many reviews about many different brands and models...

I own it only a short time, but I am super happy about this pushchair. It tackles even village roads; cobblestones are not a problem (and no noise nor rattling). It's easy to push around.

I would only reproach the loose handlebar. You can feel it's moving; it has a will. Also, I would probably make the manufacturer think about some kind of protection for the front axle, which is quite wide - I have to be very careful going through doors to not bump in the side and scratch it.

The brake is on the side, and it's not in the way (I had to be careful with my first pram, ther it was in the center 😕).

The bumper bar is a bit too low and a bit too far away from the child. Maybe it will be better when we're bigger 😊

The extended canopy has mesh windows on the side, which my child doesn't like - I would also like it more if it would be only fabric. I mean, there is a mesh peek-a-boo window so ventilation there is enough 😏

The chassis is robust, sturdy, and safe - it doesn't flip over when I put a bag on the handlebar!

Anyway, I don't regret this choice! Also, it's not a pushchair you meet on every corner, so that's a plus as well 😍

Always consider your own needs and what you feel like, not what your friend that doesn't even have it, says. When checking the reviews, think what people say - but with a bit of distance, it's different people with different needs! ✌