Review of the Joie Versatrax

Joie Versatrax

I don't understand why there is not a Versatrax on every corner because most mummies I talk with are searching exactly for something like this
written by nick 17.6.2020
  • Price
  • Basket
  • Spacious, reversible seat
  • Fully upright sitting position
  • Perfect folding
  • Everything is simple and functional
  • No-maintenance, quiet wheels
  • Full recline is not 180 degrees but it's deep enough
  • The seat unit is quite open
  • Canopy is on the sorter side when fully reclined (you can have a new one made to solve this as we did, even with the cost of that it's still a super affordable pushchair)
The Versatrax is a very affordable pushchair good for us "normal humans". For a pleasant price, it offers A LOT. I don't get people who rate it bad - I think only those with extremely high expectations will be unhappy about how it works. It's not a 'Mercedes' kind of pushchair, but the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. For normal walks and normal mums and children, it's just great. I don't understand why there is not a Versatrax on every corner because most mummies I talk with are searching exactly for something like this.

It's, however, not a budget no-brand pushchair, and you can see it. An advantage is also the option of creating a travel system - and the Joie car seats are also very good, with nice test results. The Versatrax is also spacious while featuring a reversible seat, and it even has a huge shopping basket with good accessibility. The fold is perfect - easy peasy and doable even with one hand only. The belly bar can be gate-open, so your child can go in and out by itself - and it's not in the way when you are manipulating with the harness buckle, or when you're putting in a seat liner or a footmuff. An older child also has enough space to put its feet in, no hanging loose just so. The sitting position is quite upright, not angles as the Britax pushchairs have...

The suspension is present, but don't expect any rocking. The wheels need no maintenance, and their performance is very good. No bar in between the rear ones, so you don't kick anything even if you're walking fast or if you are tall. No rattling, and it's also not one of those super low-positioned pushchairs that look like doll prams. The handle is a bit on the loose side, but it's completely doable (but I understand not everybody likes that).

The biggest and probably the only downside is the overall openness of the seat unit - you will need some kind of universally fitting leg cover and/or sunshade. Even if I take that into account, I don't know any other pushchair that would be better - because it's that kind that looks and works like some normal mum not needing a super expensive model or some kind of fashion situation designed it - she just made a simple, straightforward, practical reversible-seat pushchair. Everyday use in the city, suburbs, the countryside is just a breeze. It's not a true terrain model, but it's also not that kind that you only can take in the shopping centers. And that basket and fold... 💕 Everything is easy, functional; nothing pisses you off when using it. I have no problem folding it, carrying it up the stairs, pushing t it one-handedly (if you have an older child or you need to carry a scooter in the other hand)... And you can fit SO MUCH in the basket, a whole lot of shopping plus playground essentials - and you have access to it even when your baby is napping! I mind nothing really on this pushchair, and this never happened to me (and we had multiple pushchairs already). We have one more (a jogger) at the moment, which is for real terrain in the nearby mountains, but if I didn't need that, this would be the only one I would keep until we don't need a pushchair anymore - I am not even thinking of getting some kind of buggy anymore. I am not sorry for this choice at all, and I warmly recommend it.