Review of the Joie Versatrax

Joie Versatrax

Tomorrow I am sending it back
written by Raveena 15.4.2020
  • Design
  • Large underslung basket
  • Large canopy
  • Quite narrow
  • I didn't feel that my baby is safe in such an open seat
  • Rattling handle
I didn't see this pushchair before purchasing it online and having it delivered - I only chose based on what I found on the internet. I had a condition of a reversible seat since my son is only nine months old. Tomorrow I am sending it back.

The telescoping handle is nice for taller parents, yes. It, however, rattles quite a lot, and I was only using it inside! The seat is very, very open - when I put my son in it, I was actually afraid he could fall out. Even the child's bumper bar is made so that there is a lot of space on the sides.