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The Joolz Geo 2 was launched in 2017. It is the second generation of the Geo - an all-terrain stroller with a possibility to convert into a tandem. The Geo2 chassis with a soft suspension system is slightly heavier than the one of the previous version. Compared to the original model, the wheels are solid in the front as well as in the rear - the same as in the Day 2. The extra large shopping basket that can be easily detached and carried in hand. Purchasing the optional large shopping net, you can increase the storage space even more.

The reversible, ergonomically shaped seat features improved safety belts with extra padding. The straps are a stay-open style, which makes putting the child into the seat much easier. You can fasten them easily thanks to the magnets on the buckle. The seat position is higher, so your child is closer to you. When eating out, you can push the stroller to the table and use it as a high chair. You can tilt the seat from the upright sitting position to a fully reclined position. The backrest features a practical storage pocket. The hood comes with an extended pop-out sun visor extendable by unzipping. For hot summer months, there is an optional summer seat with mesh elements available. The 2in1 seat unit can be transformed into a carrycot by changing the textiles on its frame. The second-generation carrycot is deeper by 3 cm. Using adapters, one of the well-known brands of car seats can be attached to the chassis too.

Besides the Mono configuration suitable for one child, the Joolz Geo 2 offers the possibility for the Duo configuration for two siblings with a small age gap as well as the Twin configuration for twins from birth. The chassis of the Geo 2 can accommodate two carrycots, two car seat or two forward-facing seats. You can also combine a forward-facing seat with a carrycot or a car seat. There is no storage space for the Geo2 Duo; the lower seat, the car seat or the carrycot take over the space of the shopping basket. The second seat offers only two recline positions. It is always slightly tilted without the possibility for a lie-flat or completely upright sitting position. The chassis can be folded with one or even two seats still attached. Releasing the sides of the lower carrycot, you can fold it together with the main seat still attached too.

The stroller is available in four editions. The nature-inspired Earth collection; the French chic Studio collection finished with double stitching; the Italy-inspired, elegantly quilted Quadro collection and the personalized Tailor concept with 360 possible color combinations of fabrics, chassis, wheels, bumper bar, handlebar and many other accessories. You can even order a bumper bar with the name of your child or any other inscription. The Geo 2 will also be released in the limited 2018 Glow edition in ice-blue color with a glow-in-the-dark trimming.


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Weight (in kg)
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l in cm)
109 × 60 × 83
Folded dimensions (h×w×l in cm)
99 × 60 × 42
Brand origin
Chassis material
Maximum seat load (in kg)
Can be converted to a double
Maximum load in the first seat (in kg)
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