Review of the Junama Diamond S Line

Junama Diamond S Line

I don't see any negatives for now
written by Lúcia 12.5.2019
  • Easy manipulation
  • Great accessories
  • Comfortable to use
  • Beautiful design
  • Someone could mind the higher price tag (we didn't)
We're using it for a week now. The whole travel system is beautiful, with an easy-to-manipulate chassis. Easy to fold, and with carrycot, it feels lightweight (great driveability). The backrest can be inclined in the carrycot - the highest position being an almost sitting one, which will be perfect for a bigger, curious baby. I really like the changing bag, mosquito net, cup holder, safety harness (there's even one for the carrycot) - all included... I don't see any negatives for now 🙂