Review of the Lionelo Annet Tour

Lionelo Annet Tour

A great buy, for that price!
written by M., Denise 30.10.2019
  • enough space even for winter footmuff (1yo child)
  • price
  • looks very beautiful for that price
  • very nice suspension
  • smelled very plastic-y when taken out from the box (had to leave it ouside for a day or two)
  • rear axle gets in the way, and you have to adjust your step, otherwise you kick it
  • fron wheels can act chaotis on uneven terrain, and the wholse pushchair feels
  • only 2kg weight capacity of the shopping basket
  • very, very tall handlebar - only for tall parents
We bought it from amazon. It was a great buy, for that price! It has its disadvantages, but when buying a pushchair so cheaply, you kind of count on some being there for sure.