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Mountain Buggy Duet V2

At just 63cm in width, the Mountain Buggy Duet V2 can be compared to an ordinary single pushchair and is one of the slimmest double strollers with side-by-side seats. Therefore, the Duet V2 is the biggest competition to the favorite Bugaboo Donkey. Thanks to the well-balanced center of gravity, the Duet V2 is easily maneuverable.

The V2 version was launched in 2014. However, the Duet V2 was improved step-by-step, by adding new features over time the stroller became also known as the Duet 2.5. Compared to the V1, the folding has been simplified and thus, you can manage to fold the V2 using just one hand. The quality of the fabric covers and seat liners has improved too, and new colors were added. New safety belts look better without the extra fabric sticking out. Wheels of the V2 version are now wider to provide more stability even when coming over challenging terrain. An option to purchase the new, puncture proof Aerotech wheels was added. A massive change is also the new Carrycot Plus which is bigger and can be used in three ways. Apart from the lie-flat option, you can attach the carrycot textiles differently to achieve an inclined mode, perfect for babies suffering from reflux. By using a different fabrics set, it can also be converted to a rear-facing bucket-type seat, which is an excellent transition between carrycot and forward-facing seat. Instead of the Carrycot Plus, one or two soft carrycots can be inserted into the seats for your newborns.

The Duet V2 can also be used in the Double mode for twins, combining two carrycots or two car seats. You can also use it for siblings by combining a seat with either a carrycot or a car seat. Alternatively, you can use two seats for older siblings. There is also an optional scooter - the Freerider, that can be added to the chassis as a sibling board to ride with three children at the same time. You can even use the Duet V2 for just one child using one seat with an additional shopping basket with a weight capacity of up to 10 kg. Together with the shopping basket at the bottom of the chassis, the stroller can handle a shopping of up to 23kg. The Duet V2 was also released in a limited edition - the Year of the Monkey (2016).


stroller, 2in1 stroller system, 3in1 stroller system, double stroller (side-by-side)
Weight (in kg)
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l in cm)
106 × 63 × 116
Folded dimensions (h×w×l in cm)
96 × 63 × 39
Brand origin
New Zealand
Chassis material
aluminum, steel
Maximum seat load (in kg)
Can be converted to a double
Maximum load in the first seat (in kg)
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