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The Mountain Buggy +one (or Plus One ) is a stroller based on the well-known Urban Jungle, compared to which the +one can be used as a single as well as a tandem for two siblings. The three-wheeled chassis has a well-balanced center of gravity for easier maneuverability. Thanks to the air-filled wheels with suspension, the stroller can handle all kinds of terrain.

The seat is non-reversible and can handle up to 25 kg in the single mode. You can recline it fully, suitable even for babies. To increase their safety, an added bottom retaining net can be used. Straps of the five-point safety harness have to be clipped into the buckle separately, which makes inserting the seat liner or the footmuff into the seat much easier. It is also possible to use it as a three-point harness. Even the middle buckle strap and the bumper bar can be fully adjusted to suit your child perfectly.

The seat unit can be taken off the chassis and replaced either by a car seat with adapters, or the original Carrycot Plus. Apart from the lie-flat option, you can attach the carrycot textiles differently to achieve an inclined mode, perfect for babies suffering from reflux. By using a different fabrics set, it can also be converted to a rear-facing bucket-type seat, which is an excellent transition between carrycot and forward-facing seat.

When fully loaded - either in the tandem mode or the one child plus shopping mode, the +one can handle up to 20+20 kg. The seating for two children is stadium-style, the rear a little higher so that both children can have a good view. When using the stroller as a tandem, the front seat can be reclined only slightly. Only the child in the rear seat can enjoy a lie-flat recline; therefore, you will use the rear seat for the younger sibling. The complete lie-flat position can be achieved by adding either a mattress or a soft carrycot into the unzipped part. The newborn can also face the parent when the hood is pulled down. When the child is bigger, you will add a seat unit in place of the soft carrycot. This allows a deep, but not completely flat recline. You can even find a leg rest there, released by unzipping. The second seat and the mattress for a newborn together with a side pocket come with the stroller included. Because of the configuration of the seats, the +one is mostly suitable for siblings with a small age gap. However, you can also use the +one for twins, once at least one of your twins is able to sit independently.

When using the stroller in the single mode, you can take the full advantage of the massive additional storage space at the back of the stroller. It is ideal for shopping especially in combination with the spacious shopping basket located underneath the seat. The +one comes with a selection of optional accessories: the winter seat liner, the footmuff, the blanket, a pair of gloves for a parent, the ski attachment for front wheels, the food tray which clicks onto the bumper bar and a Freerider stroller board for an older sibling. The Freerider is not just an ordinary sibling board as it can be transformed into a kid’s scooter.

You can recognize the older versions launched before 2015 (also called the Legacy model) by the two-times extendable hood with a pop-out sun visor and by the shorter backrest. The bumper bar and the leg rest were not adjustable. The brake used to be on the rear axle instead of on the handlebar where you can find it on the latest models. Another distinction was also a differently styled buckle and the rotating adjustment of the harness height. The Legacy came with the soft carrycot that was later substituted with the mattress. Folding of the Legacy version was also more complicated, and it involved using levers. The new +one stroller can be folded by rotating the bottom bar with just one hand. When folded, the chassis locks itself automatically.


stroller, 2in1 stroller system, 3in1 stroller system, double stroller (tandem)
Weight (in kg)
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l in cm)
109 × 63 × 117
Folded dimensions (h×w×l in cm)
109 × 63 × 37
Brand origin
New Zealand
Chassis material
aluminum, steel
Maximum seat load (in kg)
Can be converted to a double
Maximum load in the first seat (in kg)
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