Review of the Nuna Pepp Next

Nuna Pepp Next

The push is great, but some "improvements" are a step back
written by flower 17.6.2019
  • Large canopy with the integrated Dream Drape shade maker
  • Driveability
  • Compactness
  • Backrest is perforated - ventilated for hot summer days
  • Harness adjustment system
  • Quality materials
  • When you fold it, the canopy touches the front wheels, which means it will get dirty - old Nunas had it differently
  • The wheels are still the same as the old ones, still rattling
  • No rotating the bumper bar away, it has to be removed fully
  • The handle smells (plastic-y/weirdness)
  • Harness plastics are very thin, which I take as a big step back, afraid I will break it over time
When I was ordering it, I believed it's gonna be an 11/10 😃 I was unpleasantly surprised. The push is great, but some "improvements" are a step back. Driveability great, wheels the same (not good), still a small basket, but he canopy nice and large. The leather handle is not leather, it smells (12h) like cheap Chinese shoes - they changed the original, idk why...