Review of the Osann Beebop 3G

Osann Beebop 3G

For that price - who wants to have a beautiful looking designer stroller system, I can recommend it!
written by marcella 8.10.2019
Here's a comparison with the Bugaboo Cameleon, that this stroller reminds of the most:

Every feature is pretty much present in both, BUT Osann has an extra brake (so two brakes overall). The hood material is much thicker (as if insulated). Osann has a thicker handlebar as well as the bumper bar, and the handlebar can go one setting higher. The only point I take as a minus is its weight! It's 2kg heavier than the Cam. However, it is all the more stable, and the chassis looks really sturdy - it handled all that I did with it very well 😀 In addition, on the hood and seat unit part are reflective stripes, beautifully glowing in the dark. For that price - who wants to have a beautiful looking designer stroller system, I can recommend it! 🙂

I got it from Germany, through a distributor.

First, chassis - it is very sturdy, no rattling 🙂 It is a little heavy, weighing around 20 pounds (circa 9 kg), and handles a bit like my Silver Cross. Maybe it's because of the weight, or perhaps a good center of gravity. Anyway, the manipulation is effortless, and the wheels can be locked. The wheels feel like those of my Silver Cross Surf - even look so (because of their size). Inflatable large and rubber front 😀 The package included off-road front wheels, which are also air-wheels. The handlebar can be adjusted - it goes way too high for me at its maximum range 😀 I have it at the lowest position of about 40,5" (102-103 cm) from the ground; the highest position is around 46" (116 - 117 cm). The handle is wide and can be reversed, which is nice because the front wheels' suspension is very soft - so in this way, you can rock your baby gently. It's also an advantage in elevators, at least I heard so. I put a leatherette cover on the handlebar and the bumper bar - it is included with my colorway automatically. The upper edge of the carrycot is 25,6" (65 cm) from the ground. The carrycot is really spacious - 10,6" (27 cm) high and 35,4" (90 cm) - outside measurement; inside measurements: 9" (23 cm) high, while the mattress is 30" (76 cm) long and 12,6" (32 cm) wide. I'm amazed by how much space there is. The handle is so high above it that we made there a small toy village 😀 There are even some small pockets on the internal sides of the carrycot. I put there a spare pacifier or some money. Nothing falls out of here, because the top pocket is elasticated. The hood on the carrycot is, I'd say, like the Cameleon's - I can't compare it because I don't have the Cam's one at hand right now, but this one seems really thick. The inner side feels like a foil. The hood is not made of two layers but seems like being filled with foam to be padded. I want to try out the extendable Cameleon hood on my Osann - it will be useful for winter. The carrycot apron cover is a wee short for my taste, but it looks waterproof (I don't know) - but I don't need it anyway, because, in my opinion, a footmuff (I will be buying) should be visible 😀 The basket is spacious and easy to reach, I am satisfied, the more so when I compare it to my Silver Cross. And the brakes - they're so great, BOTH OF THEM. The lower brake activates so easily, and my beloved hand brake has two positions. Pulled towards the ground for stopping the stroller, then just pressing on the button on the outer side releases it. All goes so smoothly 🙂

We still don't use the seat unit part, as I did not want to remove the carrycot textiles yet. The system is the same as on the Cameleon, though - just undo the velcros of the carrycot (fabric, plastic bottom part of the carrycot with feet and mattress) and put on the seat unit, plus the bumper bar and hood. Quite spacious again, I have to say. The height of the back part is up to 21,6" (55 cm); the seat width is 13,8" (35 cm), the depth is around 9,5" (24-25 cm). It's soft, so I cannot give an exact number. The footrest is 8,7" (22cm) long.

I am finishing with really harsh terrain experience: except for the weight (that, as I mentioned, is kinda higher), I have no reservations to the stroller. In the field, I didn't even put the off-road wheels on - I wanted to see, how's it going to handle such conditions. I went through all kinds of terrain - freshly plowed field, bumpy roads... I didn't shake my little man to death, so next time - into the forest 🙂 I think that's all. I'll test it around winter some more. For sure, at least, while my little one is in the carrycot. Then I will probably sell it so that it serves another mom, so we can try something new 😀

P.S. I thought the adapters would only work with Maxi-Cosi car seats, but my Cybex Cloud car seat clicks on beautifully in both directions.