Review of the Roan Esso

Roan Esso

I must highlight the suspension. It's really there
written by Adelaide 27.2.2019
  • Suspension
  • Easy to push even with one hand
  • Extendable hood(s)
  • Shopping basket
Right at the beginning, I must highlight the suspension. It's really there. I also own the GB Beli Air (they also claim that it features suspension, but I don't feel any 🤔). So if you live in a city full of cobblestones (like me), this stroller is the right choice.

Beautiful - silent ride, no rattling. Large wheels are awesome; you'll survive winter and snow so easily with them. The already long canopy can also be extended. When, for example, my little one fell asleep and the canopy was opened completely, it almost reached the bumper bar. For me, the only drawback of this travel system was the shopping basket, which was zip-close, so you need to bend and unzip it - how much more comfortable would be an open basket, just throwing things into it... but everyone likes something else.