Review of the Silver Cross Surf

Silver Cross Surf

I am extremely satisfied - but it is not for tall mummies
written by barbie 1.10.2018
We bought it second-hand. It's great - easy to push. You can easily hold the door with one hand and turn the stroller fully with the other hand. Everything, except the hood, can be washed.

Huge selection of accessories. The seat unit andthe bassinet share the canopy. Besides, there is a net, a winter pack with footmuff and gloves, and an apron. There is also a seat liner insert for a baby who is not yet able to sit independently, and also a changing mat. I certainly did not mention all as there was a lot of it. I am extremely satisfied. Just to point out, this pushchair is not for tall mummies. It is just the right height for me, and I'm only 160cm. So I definitely recommend it, even though a new one is quite expensive...