Review of the Stokke Beat

Stokke Beat

I regret the money I paid for it, and I ended up selling it for almost nothing
written by Mimi 25.5.2020
  • Large basket
  • Chassis color
  • Large hood
  • Wheels
  • The whole stroller 🤣
  • Squeaking
  • Backrest and leg rest adjustment
  • Weak, thin plastics
  • Price
  • No suspension
  • Wheels wobbling
  • Locking of the front wheels doesn't work
The Stokke brand is a brand I truly love. But the Stokke Beat is truly a flop.

The front wheels locking didn't work from the beginning. I used the warranty, but they couldn't easily swap it - no spare parts ready, I had to leave the pushchair there for service 🤦🏼‍♀️).

The stroller also squeaks horribly. The plastics are weak, thin. The push feels hard; I feel no suspension they mention it should be having. The wheels are made from rubber, which is good - they will last long. Half-year use doesn't show on them at all. But they do wobble when the stroller is not fully loaded.

Chassis-wise, the handlebar makes cracking noises in the joints, The lacquer/color of the chassis is great, no scratching whatsoever 👍🏼

The leg rest didn't always stop where it should when adjusted - I had to get used to it for a longer time to put it there "rightly". Also, it falls down when the child pushes against it 🤭

The backrest didn't hold in all the positions and slid down to laying position at times.

The basket is nice and spacious; it can hold up even a big load of shopping.

I regret the money I paid for it, and I ended up selling it for almost nothing.