Review of the Stokke Beat

Stokke Beat

It is lightweight, maneuvers well, and it is spacious yet compact after folding
written by Ellie 10.11.2019
  • weight
  • beautiful, really BEAUTIFUL design
  • compactness
  • space for the child
  • canopy (carrycot as well as the seat unit)
  • maneuverability (you need to find the right height of the handlebar at first, but then it pushes very easily)
  • even though made out of foam, the wheels are quite high-quality
  • suspension could be better
  • wheels ok for the city, but not too much for any worse terrain
  • I feel like there's too much plastic (joints etc.)
  • pushing is better with the seat unit facing forward than backward
As an urban mom, I love this stroller. It is lightweight, maneuvers well (when you set the handlebar to a perfect-for-you position, otherwise it may seem harder at first), and it is spacious yet compact after folding. I would not get it for somebody who tackles bad terrain daily, but otherwise, it pushes well, and we had no problems even on more difficult roads. And I am thrilled about that awesome canopy!