Review of the Valco Baby Snap 4 Sport Trend Tailormade

Valco Baby Snap 4 Sport Trend Tailormade

Absolutely not worth the money
written by tia 24.11.2018
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • The wheels were faulty from the beginning (even new!)
  • Metal parts of poor quality
  • Tailormade fabric materials poor as well
  • Eco-leather handlebar cover
  • Squeaky handle
I was looking forward to this pushchair since I was happy with the basic Snap 4 with my firstborn son. After a few days, I just got very disappointed, because the wheels were faulty, vibrating and turning like crazy. There is, to add to it, a gap between the chassis and the canopy. The Eco-leather handlebar covers slide down with use. Also, the handle started to squeak very loudly. After that, I put the pushchair away, because I couldn't take it anymore... Today, after I put it all together and up, I found out that an important metal part located in the lower part, where the rear axle with brake, just broke. It's completely unusable, so I am filing a claim. I must say I wouldn't want it for free even, anymore, and I paid the full price for it :woman-facepalming: Absolutely not worth the money.