Review of the Valco Baby Snap Duo

Valco Baby Snap Duo

Even my husband got to like it, because it's sturdy, doesn't rattle nor squeak...
written by bajja 25.11.2019
  • a lot of space for the children
  • fits standard doors
  • extending hoods
  • leg rest adjustment and backrest lays flat
  • simple folding system
  • sturdy, stable
  • 20 kg weight capacity for EACH seat
  • soft foam on the wheels, and the front wheels are double
  • no handle adjustment
  • the wheels touch the hoods when the stroller is folded
A practical and spacious stroller for twins or siblings. We used it for our daughters with an age difference of two years. It's wide less than 80 cm, while the children have plenty of space inside. My older daughter slept comfortably in it even when she was 3.5yo. The biggest pluses of the stroller are the spacious seats, the leg rest and backrest adjustment up to a full recline, the simple folding...

The biggest minus would be the soft foam wheels - they get full of gravel and also, they are quite noisy. After a month, we bought air-filled inflatable wheels - and it's a huge difference. They are quieter, the ride is smoother, and the push is better since the air-filled front wheels are single. I missed some handlebar adjustment option - it would be easier to get up kerbs if I could fold it down at least a bit (I have such experience with another double stroller). Also, the fold is not the smartest - it's better with the single Snap, but with the Duo, the wheels scratch the inside of the hoods, making them dirty.

We had it in TailorMade Denim fabric quality - it seems better and is nicer to touch than the cheaper basic ones. Overall, we were happy with it (mainly after the changing of the wheels). Even my husband got to like it, because it's sturdy, doesn't rattle nor squeak...