Mamas&Papas is a popular British brand of children and maternity clothing, nursery furniture, toys, car seats, and other childcare products. Thanks to the original design, effortless style, and practical solutions, the brand became one of the biggest trendsetters of kid and parent products. Mamas&Papas products are designed by real parents, which is also one of the contributions to their success.

The company was founded in 1981 in an English town called Huddersfield, by Italians David and Luisa Scacchetti. Expecting Louisa struggled to find any interesting and colorful stroller, so she imported one from Italy. Her pink, corduroy stroller attracted a lot of attention on the streets. At this point, the couple has identified the opportunity and started the business with a range of strollers imported from Italy. They were supplying various stores until 1996 when they began their own retail. Their daughters, Amanda and Olivia, got involved in the business too. Nowadays, the brand has over 87 stores worldwide. Apart from many world-famous stroller brands, Mamas&Papas offers their own strollers such as the iconic, urban Sola, the luxurious Urbo, the new, versatile Ocarro or the Armadillo stroller range with a super compact fold and extremely spacious seat.

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