TFK (Trend for Kids) is a German brand of strollers and a wide range of related accessories established in 1997. The company’s idea is that the child shouldn’t be excluded from sports activities of the parent. TFK focuses on high-quality, functional, ergonomic products in a sporty style. Their three-wheelers are one of the most famous and the most popular. Most of TFK strollers come with a fixed seat for one, two or even for three children, and as a stroller system, they can be used from birth as well. By purchasing the multifunctional carrycot that can be transformed into the seat, you can create a reversible TFK stroller suitable for a younger child. Various tests including TÜV tests and performance tests on different sports events will guarantee the quality of TFK products. In 2017, the brand launched TFK Kangaroo featuring a new logo and styles in the Trail, the Sport, the Adventure and the Travel editions, ideal for every aspect of your life.

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