German brand Hauck was founded in 1927 by Felix Hauck in Sonnenfeld, where it’s still based. Initially, the brand focused on basket-making. In 1950, Paula, the daughter of Felix Hauck, added textile products to Hauck’s portfolio. In 1970, travel cots and other childcare products were mixed in too. Nowadays, Hauck offers a wide range of childcare products - strollers, car seats, high chairs, rocking chairs, travel cots, playpens, baby carriers, bicycles, tricycles, home safety equipment and much more.

Hauck strollers and other products are famous for their affordable price, bold, colorful design and simple functionality. Many Hauck strollers, in combination with a car seat or a carrycot, can also create a stroller system with no need for car seat adapters. Hauck cooperates with well-known companies such as Esprit, Disney (since 1989) or Fisher Price, so many of Hauck strollers are available in special editions as well.

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